About Niki

Niki grew up in a farm house located in rural Maryland in which paranormal activity occurred on a regular basis. She has been seeking answers for her terrifying childhood experiences ever since! As a teen, Niki soon begun conducting her own paranormal investigations using primitive techniques and as an adult has blossomed into seasoned investigator, using not only her original primitive techniques but new and experimental equipment as well. Niki's professional background in the medical field as well as her focus in medical research gives her what some would consider a "scientific approach" to her work in the paranormal field.


With her love of paranormal investigating and her quest for answers to the unknown, Niki continues to remain active within the paranormal community on a daily basis. She has been appointed leadership roles in paranormal organizations as well as has been chosen to represent members of the community when participating in debates on ethics and practices within the paranormal.


Niki hosts a weekly radio show; "Paranormal Spotlight" on LiveParanormal.com and also co-hosts other paranormal & horror based radio shows on the network. Niki has been a regular featured guest on numerous paranormal radio and video shows within the paranormal genre.  You can also find Niki streaming live video and recorded investigations on LiveParanormal.com and Youtube.com


When she isn't "on air" she can often be found on the other side of the microphone; producing live radio or searching for answers for herself or assisting clients who seek answers to the same questions she still has to this day. Niki and her family reside in the Baltimore area. When Niki is not on air or investigating the paranormal she enjoys urban exploration, hiking and photography.

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